Dear Community,

Thank you once again for the ongoing feedback you are all providing us. It really does help in so many ways. We’ll keep you posted as soon as we have the next set of updates ready to go live.

In the mean while, be sure to check out YouTuber “: Simply Austin” video of Neon below:

Also, take a look at what Upload VR []had to say about Neon:

View the status of development by visiting our Trello support board below:

  • Here are the latest patch notes:

  • Added support for gamepad seated experiences in VIVE. (To enable this, right click New Retro Arcade: Neon in your steam library, go to ‘Properties’ and enter ‘-vrseated’ in the Launch Options.)
  • Added VIVE world rotation (To rotate hold the teleport button and twist your motion controller to offset the rotation of the game world relative to your play space.)
  • Added voice lines to the boxing machine

Thank you!
Your Community Manager Joe and the rest of The Digital Cybercherries team.