Dear Community,

We hope you enjoy the recent updates and as always, we are monitoring feedback from our forums and social media. Thank you for all of your suggestions, keep them coming! Also, for those who may be new or have not yet seen, be sure to check out the Official Arcade Builder Guide below:

It will walk you through the Arcade Builder application and more. If you do require any further help please contact or create a post on our forums / social media.

Do not be afraid to ask for help. As many of you know, we are very active in terms of interaction with the community, but I would like to point out our community itself is extremely friendly and helpful towards others. We sincerely thank you for this and we encourage you to keep helping other players.

Find out the current status of development by visiting our Trello support board below:

  • Here are the latest patch notes:
  • Added support for video attract screens, this is default to .mp4 (you can change the format by editing the GameUserSettings.ini and finding the line ‘AttractMovie=AttractScreens.mp4’]
  • Added support for VIVE ‘Slide’ locomotion. The left motion controller is used for walk movement, the right controller is now for teleport.
  • Added music tracks to the credits.
  • Added various sounds around the arcade including hat impacts and footstep surface tweaks.
  • Adjusted throw velocity for bowling balls.

Your Community Manager Joe & the rest of the Digital Cybercherries team.