Dear Community,

As always, we will be keeping a constant check on the forums and social media regarding your feedback and suggestions. We are so thankful for your support. We’re already making a good team!

Please remember, we have a Trello support board which allows you to keep track on the progress of development. See more below:

  • Here are the latest patch notes:
  • Fixed VoIP, options have been added back into the menu cab and this should now work in game.
  • Fixed games console trigger input, right trigger should no longer press ‘B’.
  • Fixed Gamebro zoom position for Oculus and prompt instructions.
  • Fixed invert option, this should now work when selected.
  • Fixed fixed Prompt system for controllers.

We are getting there everyone, let’s keep it up. Thank you.

Your Community Manager Joe and the rest of the Digital Cybercherries team.