Bar area now added to Neon.

Dear Community,

It’s been nearly 2 weeks since the release of New Retro Arcade: Neon and what a couple of weeks it has been. As many of you will already know, the launch did not go as smoothly as it could have. Our attempt to add additional content at the last minute led to unexpected issues arising. Some features were not fully functional and others did not meet expectations.

We are truly grateful that the community has rallied around us and been so supportive as we work to improve and expand the experience. The understanding the community has shown, even throughout this bumpy start, means the world to us.

We will continue working hard to update the game; we have already released many fixes and patches, as well as taking on board all feedback. To show our appreciation our art team has been expanding the Arcade, even as the coders rectify the issues. It’s been a long couple of weeks with some very late nights, but finally we’re proud to announce that the Arcade Bar is now open!

With your continued support, we can and will make New Retro Arcade: Neon one of the best VR games. Thank you.

As I mention quite a lot, we have a Trello support board which gives you the ability to view the current status of development. See more below:

  • Here are the latest patch notes:
  • Added Bar Area to Neon map.
  • Added games console trigger input, right trigger should no longer press ‘B’.
  • Added more Arcade Cabinets, Gamebros & VHS Tapes to maps.
  • Added map overviews to the ArcadeBuilder with item locations.
  • Added fixed Prompt system for controllers. (This will not affect your current XML files. To configure the additional cabinets and VHS Tapes in the Builder, you will need to revert to the new .defaults files or edit your existing XMLs to include the new items.)
  • Added Added VoIP prompt system. (See the options menu for your default key.)
  • Added Added customizable VHS Tape labels.
  • Added Added support for DualShock4.
  • Fixed multiplayer servers not properly ending sessions.
  • Fixed Keybinding locking up the screen.
  • Fixed controller prompts, these should now be displayed correctly.
  • Fixed Bowling Alley scoring and sounds.
  • Fixed Boxing Machine hit detection for motion controllers.
  • Fixed stat based achivements not correctly registering.
  • Fixed Server Hosts hearing multiple flashlight sounds.
  • Updated the Projector networking to increase stability and added a video quality override for lower speed connections. To enable lower quality video simply add the following text to your steam launch option: -lowvideotest.
  • Added High Quality Audio Tracks for the Soundtrack (Files are now available as FLAC)
  • Added 5 Playalong Audio Tracks for the guitar (sorted by different skill levels):

    You can download them by visiting the link below:

Thank you so much for sticking by us. As our slogan states; we are Powered By You.

Your Community Manager Joe and the rest of The Digital Cybercherries team.