Dear Community,

Thank you for the continuous support you have shown us, it really does mean a lot. I’d also like to point out that we are very thankful to much of the community for being so helpful to other members. It’s fantastic to see that already we have a strong-tied community always looking out for each other. Keep it up.

While I am on the topic of saying thank you, there is one more thanks we would like to give. Since the release of Neon, we have received a significant amount of help on the forums from a person who many know as Vermillion. He moderates the forums and has put a countless amount of hours in not only the forum, but also other aspects of the game, all with the mind set of wanting to further enhance Neon. We consider him a good friend and when it comes to him being a Moderator, he really is one of a kind. Thank you so much Matthew (Vermillion) for all the hard work you have / are putting into New Retro Arcade: Neon.

As always, we are keeping track of your feedback on the forums and social media. Thank you once again.

You can see the current status of development by visiting our Trello support board below:

  • Here are the latest patch notes:
  • Fixed Game bro back lighting. You can enable the back light in the GameUserSettings.ini by adding the line “bHandHeldScreenLight=True” alternatively you can launch the game the launch options “-HandHeldLight”
  • Libretro cores should now output their internal core parameter options
  • Added “ArcadeEmulatorOptions.xml” for overriding or adding core specific options, such as enabling cheats, throttle or boot to OSD. Example below:

    <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”utf-8″?>
    <mame_boot_to_osd value=”disabled” />
    <mame_throttle value=”enabled” />
    <mame_cheats_enable value=”enabled” />

  • Fixed Attract and Game audio volume on cabinets.
  • Fixed Attract Screens audio breaking when used on over 30 Arcades Machines at once.
  • Fixed intrusive bright glows and over bright reflections on Arcade Machine control panels.
  • Fixed flickering buildings in the main menu skybox.
  • Fixed missing screen-space reflections in Classic map.
  • Fixed a gap in the arcade walls which leaked into the void.
  • Fixed duplicate phone sound in classic map. The sound will also now stop when the phone is placed on receiver.
  • Removed unfitting background ambient sounds from the world.
  • Fixed non-movable props on the bar in Neon map.
  • Fixed fire extinguisher location on the wall in the bar on Neon.
  • Removed all Halloween content.

We’d like to give a huge thank you to the team at Libretro for all of their amazing work on the emulator cores supported by New Retro Arcade: Neon.

Hans-Kristian “Themaister” Arntzen
Daniel “Twinaphex” De Matteis
Jean-André “kivutar” Santoni
Andrés “radius” Suárez
Higor “enygmata” Eurípedes
Toad King
Hunter “hunterk” Kaller

Your Community Manager Joe and the rest of The Digital Cybercherries team.