Hi everyone,

As the title says, Early Access 2.0 is going to be delayed and will not be shipped for the end of this month. We’re sorry! Many have asked why can we not we ship out updates into smaller increments? There are reasons for this and to hear it from the horse’s mouth, Dec, our Lead Programmer will explain why;

The development of Unboxed is going great. We have made many improvements to the game and our team is in a real creative flow. Even though overall development is steaming ahead, we’re still not at the point in which we feel the game is at a stage where we’re all happy with its gameplay, content and balance. Not after the huge overhaul of the game we’ve implemented in the last few months.

Once we’re happy with the gameplay and at a phase where we feel the information from players would be useful to us, only then will we be confident with releasing this next huge update. If we release in small increments now, we feel that the game would be changing so fast and the information we’d gain from it would be outdated quickly. We also need what limited time and effort we have, being focused on finishing content and features that push us to making the game worth every penny!

It may not seem like it, but so much has and is currently being worked on. Not only in terms of actual game development, but also marketing. We’re working on a brand new website for HC:U, lots of promotional material and building up our press-list. Early Access 2.0 will have a heavy focus on getting its name out there so that we can build up a large player base. After all, no one likes empty serves!

We’ll be live streaming development of Unboxed via Twitch in the near future, so you can see what we’ve been up to. I will also be posting some new images with some cool new stuff that’s been added to the game.

Have a great rest of your weekend, and one again, we are very sorry,
Digital Cybercherries Ltd.


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