What a journey it has been. We are truly grateful for all of the support. Hypercharge: Unboxed is now officially released on the Nintendo Switch! We look forward to developing the game with you. This is only the beginning.


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  1. Frank Restly says:

    I have over 100 hours of gameplay logged for Hypercharge Unboxed (for Nintendo Switch) and here are my thoughts.

    First, this is a really great game – lots of fun, lots of replay value.
    Most of my time has been spent playing as single player, though playing with friends is an absolute blast.

    Minor quibbles:
    1. The last collectible that I obtained was on top of the fire alarm pull station in Operation Alley near the double doors, and it was overly difficult to obtain.
    I ended up playing the level over and over, putting coins / credits in the slot machine until it spit out the jet pack. If there is a jump that can be made
    to get on top of the pull station, I was not able to identify it and there should be one. I spent tens of hours on this one collectible item to get the associated
    buildable for grabbing all of the collectibles. It would be nice if either the jet pack was spit out of the slot machine more regularly or if there was a jump that could be made onto the pull station.

    2. There are four difficulty levels split across two groups – Casual / Regular and Expert / Nightmare. The medals that a player receives are delegated by one of the two groups – Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum for the Casual / Regular difficulty group and Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby, Diamond for the Expert / Nightmare level. On the map selection screen it is not readily apparent which difficulty level was played in obtaining a medal. I began playing a mix of Casual / Regular difficulty and after a while I could not tell which levels I had completed on which difficulty level. It would be nice if the medal display on the map selection screen gave some indication of the difficulty level that was played in obtaining the medal.

    3. On the harder difficulty (Expert) it is apparent that there is simply not enough build / item collection time before a wave of enemies is released.
    This is especially true on the larger levels – Garden of Evil, Toy Palace in particular. I suggest adding a “Stop Watch” item that can be picked up by a player
    in single player mode to grant more time to run around before a wave of enemies is released.

    Thank you.

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