Hello everyone,

So, I know things have been very quiet at our end and now that most of the dust has settled, I’d like to briefly explain what has been going on.

Unfortunately, within our team, and due to unforeseen circumstances, we’ve had some major restructuring. This involved some of our beloved members venturing onto new things. We wish them the best of luck and cannot explain how thankful we are for all their hard work and dedication to our projects.

I can appreciate it may seem very unusual for us to be this inactive in terms of communication with you all, especially in view of how responsive and transparent we usually are. It was never our intention for this to happen.

Most of you probably do not know, but Digital Cybercherries consists of only a small team, (even smaller now,) and we do not have an actual studio. We all work from home and some developers are in different countries. In fact, many of us work full-time jobs to keep development prosperous and healthy. We simply have not made enough funding in order to develop both NRA:N and HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed full time.

We originally set up Digital Cybercherries as a group of close-friends with the sole purpose of being able to create awesome and entertaining content. Our dream was, and still is, to eventually have enough finances to work from our own studio and be able to make and develop games full time. An enormous amount of effort has gone into this goal. Don’t get us wrong, it’s not all about money. We develop games because we love to do it, it’s our passion. But at the same time we have to be realistic. Without enough funding we cannot keep up with the strains of continuous work.

Looking back now, maybe we were not honest enough with you regarding our current situation / set-up. We wanted DCC to be perceived as a Triple-A studio, even though technically, we never had a studio, just a virtual one. Everything we have done, from development to communication was with the intention of being perfect, to every fine detail. But as life goes, it’s simply not possible to maintain such a mindset given our position.

Right, onto a more positive note:

Have we still been developing HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed?
Yes, we haven’t stopped working on it.

When is the next update for HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed?
Due to planning and major restructuring within the team, I cannot now give an honest answer. I promise I will keep you updated regarding this.

Have you abandoned New Retro Arcade: Neon?
Definitely not.

Have we still been developing New Retro Arcade Neon?
We have done little bits here and there. Once planning has been fully established, we’ll start updating Neon.

I’m not making excuses for us, but rather, valid reasons. There is heart and honesty in this post. I wanted to be fully honest with you guys. There has been a lot going on development wise as well as within our team which I won’t go fully into. Sometimes it’s not all what it seems from a player’s perspective. Things are always more complicated than you may believe. Once we have a solid foundation within our team and planning, we’ll get back to the good ol`days of regular updates.

You’ll see a lot of positive changes in 2018. After all our obstacles and hindrances, we will not give up. We believe in ourselves and the passion our fans provide. We certainly won’t give up on you.

We’re utterly sorry for the lack of communication and any inconvenience we may have caused.

To those who have stuck by us since day 1, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You will be kept up to date with our plans. I ask that you trust in our word and continue to walk with us on our journey. We’re not going anywhere. – Joe

With love,
Digital Cybecherries Ltd. X


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