Dear Neon Fanatics,

We have some awesome stuff planned for New Retro Arcade: Neon in the future, but for now, here are a few fixes here and there. Enjoy!

Here are the latest patch notes:

Major Fixes:

  • Press the HOME button to reload all custom textures in the game instantly. Also increased texture load times for custom artwork.
  • Fixed Attract Audio crash, and Attract audio limit. Also improved load times and memory usage of Attract Audio files.

Moderate Fixes:

  • Radio volume can be adjusted with the console command: nra.RadioVolume

Minor Fixes:  

  • Special and Lightgun Arcades can now be tested correctly in the Arcade Preview Map.
  • ArcadeMachineDisabled has been added to the Arcade Builder and can now be customised.

Misc Fixes:

  • Genesis / Mega Drive Emulators working on Windows 10 due to PicoDrive emulator update.
  • FPS Cabinets are now in the correct order in the Arcade Builder.

On a side note, we have a lovely Discord Channel for NRA:N that you may wish to participate in. The community is active and you’ll often see us jumping into chats. Hopefully see you there!

Thanks so much for the support. – Joe

Best regards,
Digital Cybercherries Ltd.


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