Development Progress – Early Access 2.0

Hey Action Figures, THIS IS JUST A PROGRESS ANNOUNCEMENT, NO UPDATE HAS BEEN RELEASED. Straight to the not so good news. As you already have guessed, we didn’t manage to release Early Access 2.0 for the end of May. We’re very sorry. We thought we could have pulled it off and shipped out the update, but it would not have been workable to do so. I realise I may sound like a broken record, but please remember this announcement. We are battling on after now being a much smaller team, many of us working full time jobs, you get the idea. Development and workflow has increased, despite delays and huge setbacks, so we are moving forward. Now onto the good news. We are digging deep and making some gargantuan changes to HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed. Please see below our progress. NOTE: There are much smaller things we’ve added / changed to the game which may not be shown here. I’ll probably add ...

Developing with InstaLOD – How it has helped us!

Hello everyone, How did HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed benefit from using InstaLOD? Find out below! Creativity and Efficiency  As game artists on a small team of indie developers, we work behind the scenes creating as much eye candy as possible for HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed. The core of the job is to be an efficient and creative visual problem solver. The one challenge all game artists must be professionals at is efficiency, and this is where InstaLOD closes the gap in our pipe at Digital Cybercherries to increase our output tremendously. Focused Content  A high profile asset that will require a lot of polish may take a few days to weeks in most pipelines. This is mainly driven by the numerous steps taken to achieve a final game ready asset, but the one’s most time consuming can be the final low poly, UV layout, baking and LOD generation depending on final model complexity. These four steps alone can eat up hours to days’ worth of work. When we ...

New Retro Arcade: Neon is now -33% OFF!

Dear Retro Enthusiasts, Tell your friends because New Retro Arcade: Neon is now -33% OFF! (Offer ends 7 April)  Future plans for Neon are coming together smoothly and another update will be shipped in the near future. Try be patient, we’ll get there! For those who do not know, we have a Discord Channel for NRA:N. Feel free to join and hopefully see you there. Thanks so much for the support, we’re a great team!. – Joe Have fun, Digital Cybercherries Ltd. SHARE ON ...
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Fixed Attract Audio crash, and Attract audio limit and more!

Dear Neon Fanatics, We have some awesome stuff planned for New Retro Arcade: Neon in the future, but for now, here are a few fixes here and there. Enjoy! Here are the latest patch notes: Major Fixes: Press the HOME button to reload all custom textures in the game instantly. Also increased texture load times for custom artwork. Fixed Attract Audio crash, and Attract audio limit. Also improved load times and memory usage of Attract Audio files. Moderate Fixes: Radio volume can be adjusted with the console command: nra.RadioVolume Minor Fixes:   Special and Lightgun Arcades can now be tested correctly in the Arcade Preview Map. ArcadeMachineDisabled has been added to the Arcade Builder and can now be customised. Misc Fixes: Genesis / Mega Drive Emulators working on Windows 10 due to PicoDrive emulator update. FPS Cabinets are now in the correct order in the Arcade Builder. On a side note, we have a lovely Discord Channel for NRA:N that you may wish to ...

HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed – Development Update – WIP Maps!

THIS IS JUST A PREVIEW, NO UPDATE HAS BEEN RELEASED. Hi everyone, Some of you might be thinking, the maps shown below look very different to what we have currently been playing? There is a reason for this. Before we jump straight to the screenshots, I’d like to explain our plans for the next new environments, in relation to gameplay. The biggest challenge Unboxed faced was fundamentally, its core gameplay. Currently, the mechanics essentially involve players defending a Core from a “line formation of enemy A.I”. This may seem well and dandy, but it does not offer much diversity. I’ll be brutally honest with you. We focused far too much on the aesthetics rather than gameplay, or more to the point, the fun factor. Our new target is to allow much more scalability, freedom of movement, to be able to transverse the environment while defending your objective. Enemies will attack more dynamically, charging from different angles, spawning from areas that ...

Message to our Community

Hello everyone, So, I know things have been very quiet at our end and now that most of the dust has settled, I’d like to briefly explain what has been going on. Unfortunately, within our team, and due to unforeseen circumstances, we’ve had some major restructuring. This involved some of our beloved members venturing onto new things. We wish them the best of luck and cannot explain how thankful we are for all their hard work and dedication to our projects. I can appreciate it may seem very unusual for us to be this inactive in terms of communication with you all, especially in view of how responsive and transparent we usually are. It was never our intention for this to happen. Most of you probably do not know, but Digital Cybercherries consists of only a small team, (even smaller now,) and we do not have an actual studio. We all work from home and some developers are in different countries. In fact, many ...